Arkatov Productions was founded by Salome Ramras Arkatov to raise awareness of the legendary pianist and master teacher Rosina Lhevinne and how she became a living link to the 19th century “Old Russian School” of piano. She transmitted that tradition to generations of pianist and some of the 20th century's great musicians. Mme. Lhevinne’s career as a teacher and concert artist flourished from age 65
to 96; her compelling story is told in the prize-winning documentary film,
The Legacy of Rosina Lhevinne.

The documentary film that followed, Memories of John Browning: the Lhevinne Legacy Continues, traces the continuation of Mme. Lhevinne’s Russian tradition through her illustrious student, John Browning. Hailed by New York critics as “one of the giants of the keyboard,” Browning deeply influenced yet another generation of gifted pianists. This touching portrait of John Browning vividly illustrates the transference of Rosina Lhevinne’s tradition and legacy into the 20th century
and into our own time.

          "The Legacy of Rosina Lhevinne documentary says it all about creativity and triumph of the human spirit.
Rosina Lhevinne inspired creativity and innovation to generations of students who passed her sparks on for the next generation. How her legacy then continues is documented in Arkatov’s moving film, Memories of John Browning."

                                                                                     Professor Moshe F. Rubinstein, Director UCLA Creativity & Innovation Program
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