To order the DVDs

Director’s cut. Run time: 66 min. Director's Cut. Run Time: 70 min.

Purchase of our private use only DVDs are not licensed for any type of institutional, community, library, educational, resale, rental, or public use. DVDs are not to be duplicated, transmitted, and can not be used in any other fashion other than personal use.

For private group use, please contact Arkatov Productions.

Phone: (310) 470-8401 Fax: (310) 470-2865


Purchase of our multi-institutional films constitutes an agreement to the following. Our DVDs are leased for the life of the film for non-commercial, non-broadcast, educational in-house use in educational institutions, public libraries, community and religious groups, media centers, and other similar institutions. Solely for archival use, only educational institutions may make a digital duplicate.


Our DVDs can be shipped domestically to any of the 50 states including
Hawaii and Alaska. California residents will be charged 9.25% sales tax. (Shipping is not taxed.) Orders should be received in approximately 1-2 weeks.
Unfortunately at this time, we do not ship internationally.


  • To pay with check, please send our order form and a check payable to Arkatov Productions to the address below.
  • For those who require a purchase order, please submit your form either by fax or email to the following address.

  Arkatov Productions
10480 Charing Cross Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Fax (310) 470-2865